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VAT Flat Rate Percentages

HRBS can help you with your flat rate VAT accounting

At HRBS we have many clients on the flat rate VAT scheme and can help you set up your accounting system to make the flat rate VAT return a breeze to complete.
Did you know that a 1% reduction is available off the flat rate percentages in your first year of VAT registration?
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Flat rate VAT scheme

flat rate vat scheme Flat rate VAT schemeIs the VAT flat rate scheme right for you?
Whether or not the VAT flat rate scheme is beneficial for you would depend upon the administration costs saving due to its simplicity weighed against the fact that in most circumstances, VAT on purchases (“input VAT”) cannot be reclaimed.

Use our handy calculator

We have created a handy Excel calculator for you to quickly work out whether you would be better off joining the scheme. Some businesses, in particular those with exempt supplies, may be worse off under the scheme.
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