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Online accounting systems guide to online accounting Online accounting systems

An introduction to online accounting and book-keeping.

Online accounting software, known as “Software As A Service” (SaaS) is accessible via your web browser via a secure session. Thats it! No software to install, no backups, no hardware upgrade required. Software updates, data security, backups and hardware maintenance are taken care of by the service provider.

What you need to run an online accounting system.

You don’t need a high powered machine as all the storage and processing is taking place on the provider’s system. All that is needed is a broadband connection and a machine capable of running an internet browser … a low specification machine should be OK . We have clients using Windows, Apple Mac and Linux to run their accounts. The latter using open source solutions i.e. operating system, browser and office software, keeping their computing costs to a bare minimum.

Online accounting is FREE

video tour2 Online accounting systemsWell, at least it is here at HRBS … we recognise that well kept accounting records saves us time and helps us give a better, value-added service to our clients. We subsidise the costs of the various software solutions we offer and are able to provide the winweb Online Office system totally free to our clients. As part of our investment in our clients we tailor the system specifically for them and train them on how to use it … a WIN WIN situation!

Online software leaves you free to concentrate on your business

This is particularly true for a small business owner who may be spending much of their time and money on the hidden costs of running an accounting system e.g. installation, upgrades, exchanging data files, backup and disaster recovery. As a result book-keeping may be left to the end of the quarter just in time for the VAT Return, becoming a chore rather than part of running a successful and profitable business. By using an online accounting solution, you would be freed up from the hassle of running the accounts and take a more pro-active interest in your financial affairs.

Access your information from anywhere

check your online accounts anywhere with hrbs Online accounting systems

One of the attractions our clients find with online accounting is that they are no longer tied to their desk for running their business.

Keeping the books is no longer such a chore as they can access their accounts in the office, at home, on the train, even on holiday!

Using a wireless connection you can invoice whilst out of the office, emailing your client for the work you may have just finished for them, or a deposit you have just agreed with them.

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